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OBNet is the name of the network of servers which support the infrastructure used for the development of OpenBlox and other software hosted by the OpenBlox project.


OBNet comprises the servers described in this section. These servers are listed in order of addition.


Stargazer runs Debian Jessie and hosts MediaWiki (wiki.openblox.org), cgit (git.openblox.org), GNU Mailman (lists.openblox.org), ownCloud (cloud.openblox.org), Bugzilla (bugs.openblox.org) and Jenkins (ci.openblox.org).


Daedalus is the mail gateway and the entry point for SSH access. It also hosts the Internet Relay Chat hub and the Shalture services for the IRC network, as well as Bloxbot. Daedalus runs Debian Jessie.


Mars is a droplet hosted on DigitalOcean which hosts the news server (news.openblox.org) and a ZNC bouncer for contributors. Both mars.openblox.org, developer.openblox.org resolve to Mars. Mars runs Fedora 25.


This is a schema of OpenBlox infrastructure as of September 18, 2015.

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