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The OpenBlox demo is an adapted version of the Lua demo which uses OpenBlox as a backend instead of Lua. It does not support rendering.


If you want to run your own version of the OpenBlox demo, you can download the source code of the Lua demo and modify it so that it uses OpenBlox to run code instead of Lua, then apply this patch to libopenblox:

diff --git a/src/ob_lua/ob_lua.cpp b/src/ob_lua/ob_lua.cpp
index 283710c..a4007f6 100644
--- a/src/ob_lua/ob_lua.cpp
+++ b/src/ob_lua/ob_lua.cpp
@@ -144,6 +144,7 @@ namespace ob_lua{
                luaL_requiref(L, LUA_STRLIBNAME, luaopen_string, 1);
                luaL_requiref(L, LUA_MATHLIBNAME, luaopen_math, 1);
                luaL_requiref(L, LUA_UTF8LIBNAME, luaopen_utf8, 1);
+               luaL_requiref(L, LUA_IOLIBNAME, luaopen_io, 1);
                lua_pop(L, 7);